« Cher Marc, Comme convenu tu trouveras, ci-dessous, notre recommandation suite aux diverses missions que tu as menées avec succès pour Oney Banque Accord et plus particulièrement celle que nous venons de conclure concernant notre Directrice Générale Oney Bank en Russie. Sokol HR Advisory nous accompagne dans notre croissance au sein de la communauté des Etats Indépendants (CEI), notamment en Russie et Ukraine. Ce cabinet de recrutement nous a fourni une prestation d’excellente qualité tant dans la recherche de profils de middle managers qu’au niveau executif. La réactivité, la compréhension de nos besoins et une parfaite connaissance du marché local fond de Sokol HR Advisory un partenaire que je recommande volontiers aux entreprises internationales en recherche de collaborateurs-clefs pour leur organisation. »
Jacques Guillaume
DRH Oney Banque Accord
« I have successfully worked with SOKOL HR ADVISORY to find a key Financial Controller. We were looking for not only a high-qualified professional, but also someone able to join a dynamic, friendly team, sharing the same values. Marc found for us, in less that one month the perfect candidate. He is a reliable partner for our HR project. »
Sébastien Larquetou
General Manager CIAT CIS
« TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN We, Camus Wines and Spirits Russia, operated most of our searches in Russia with SOKOL HR ADVISORY, following recommendations we received from other companies established in Russia. We hereby confirm its reputation is fully justified. Indeed, thanks to SOKOL we were successful in recruiting the following people: -1 Domestic Market Brand-Ambassador, -1 Duty-Free Brand Ambassador, -1 Digital Activities Manager. The performances of these people are outstanding. SOKOL’s wide professional network, its ability to challenge clients during the scoping meetings and to meet deadlines wthin the recruitment process are clearly among its strenghts. Considering all the above, we highly recommend Marc’ Moreau’s agency to any company willing to recruit staff and build teams of professionals totally in lines with the companies needs, either at middle or top-managers level. Sincerely, »
Julien Jolly
CEO Camus
« As thе HR Dirесtor of LLC “BIOCODЕX” I would likе to aсknowlеdgе thе high quality and profеssionalism of SOKOL HR ADVISORY. Wе havе rесently reсruitеd National Salеs Direсtor andWe are fully satisfiеd with thе сandidates proposеd and final hiring dесidеd. Marс Morеau rеally showеd сustome-oriеnted approaсh to thе sеlесtion proсеss, providing great sеrviсе еven within tough dеadlinеs. Hе was sensitivе to thе needs of our сompany and prесisе in dеlivеring rеsults. Wе bеnеfitеd from his ability to undеrstand our сompany valuеs and сulturе and thus proposеd adеquate сandidatеs. I rеally сonsidеr Marс Мorеau an ехtrеmеly rеliablе partnеr and I am sur that our businеss rеlationship will bесomе strongеr with evеry nеw projесt. »
Irina Karkach
DRH Biocodex
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